{{Written in English and Japanese}}

It was Valentine’s Day Beach Clean Up day today. We had the largest numbers of attendance ever! ( excluding the lovely Japanese group)




I was worried that the venue had less rubbish compare to the beaches we had been to, it could make people board. It turned out to be good as we could clean even the tinny plastics thanks to the volunteers.

We also had 谷口 たもつ (Tamotsu Taniguchi) from Japan today joining us. He has been in HK for the last couple of days for planning for the next World Beach Clean Up Tour in HK with me.

日本からは Wonderful World 植林 Festival(ワンフェス)のかごしまんも今年のツアー視察も兼ねて参加してくれました。


Volunteers had fun exchanging chocolate gift boxes and sharing them.

While the exchanging of the chocolate, we decided to sing a common song in our own languages as we had volunteers from Hong Kong, China, Japan and France today. We selected Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the end, it was not easy to select a song, and most of us only knew the English version anyway!


We had good chat while the clean up ( because we stayed longer in one spot  for tiny pieces of rubbishes to clean). Many of them were the first timer for clean ups.

Hong Kong Poly University students were happened to be there today, and they joined our clean up and did some research afterward. It was great. We hope all the best with your project!


The video of the day will be on our Facebook page. Hope you enjoy!

この模様はビデオにして後ほど The First Penguinsのページにアップしますので、よかったら見てね。

Valentine’s Day Clean Up @Cheung Chau Island