Team Photo The First Penguins is found in August 2016 in Hong Kong. Learning more about  situations of Hong Kong coast lines, we have sided to do something good for our environment through fun events and activities.

We organise beach clean ups on monthly basis in Hong Kong. Our beach clean ups are casual, and everyone is welcome. We have themes for each clean ups, such as  Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Japan, Prince/Princess and Starwars. The information is available on our Facebook page and on

Other than the monthly beach clean up, we have been collaborating events with  NPOs, NGOs, volunteer groups and commercial groups in Japan and Hong Kong. In November 2016, we organized the very first beach clean up tour to Hong Kong together with these Japanese organisations. In 2017, we have organised our first ocean clean up boat tour and joined by volunteers from Japan again.  We are currently working on the next joint ocean clean up tour from Japan planned in 2018.

Our aim is connecting people across the border for a happier and better world.