♪♬♩We cleaned in the rain ♬♩♪

The First Penguins 3.11 charity clean up @ Rocky Bay Beach, ShekO.

It rained all afternoon on the clean up day, but we had 24 penguins including 3 first timers! Thank again for your participation, and hope you had fun as we did!

We started the clean up with 1 minute silent prayer for the victims of 3.11 ( earthquake and tsunami in northern part of Japan in 2011. There still are 2,553 people missing and are 123,000 refugees all around Japan.

We started with the usual operation on the beach…and…

3 brave penguins prepared to be in the water to clean! Rocky Bay Beach had lots of floating wastes as you can see…

The rest of us cleaned the beach throughly.

At the mid break, some of them kindly offered the generous support towards the charity program we are supporting. Our charity T is on sale and the sales amount will be donated to the program to support children live in areas highly affected by the radiation which has been caused by the Fukushima Daichi incident.









The donations will be sent to  Iriomote Exciting Escape Tour. Thank you for your support!








We had some “SUPER FOOD” sponsored by INCA Super Food and…


The Penguins happily received special gift from LUSH Hong Kong. Thank you for our generous sponsors!

After the break, we removed wastes tangled with the seaweeds moved on the shore. Lots of plastic strings and food wrappers.

It was our first time to clean the sea with this method, and we found it is really effective! Thank you Harry, Cynthia and Herbert for going into the water and taught us new things.

After two hours of the clean up,  we gather all the wastes we collected (19bags) and briefly checked.

We assume there were some clean ups prior to us, as we didn’t see much drink bottles and bigger sized polystyrene forms which we saw at the venue check and see them at any other beaches.

We played a game to line ourselves up in alphabetical order ( which was delayed till the end of the day due to the weather!). Since we got to know each other better by the time, we worked really well and was in fact too easy!

Then we introduced ourselves very quickly, and asked the first timers to share what they felt about the experience. We are very happy to have new penguins to join us. Hope the day we spent together to be fun and the door opening experience to them!

The penguins signed on a charityT. We will send the tee to Japan together with the raised money!

We returned the cleaned seaweeds back to the sea after the cleaning operation!

It was so nice to see the beach and coastline after clean up, together we made the difference!

Thank you again!

You can watch the video of the day from HERE!

3.11 Charity Clean Up @ Rocky Bay, ShekO 19/03/2017