Thank you so much for all of you participated to the beach clean up over 2 days. It was a great success!

On the first day, we went to Tai Long Wan.
When you organize a beach clean up, there are always at least two things you need to watch till very last minutes—weather and the amount rubbish in the area.img_9027

We were confident that Tai Long Wan would not be out of rubbish at this time, ( we really want it happens sooner). The only thing was the weather and we hit a jack pot day!
When we arrived the beach, it was quite windy but was not raining yet. As soon as we prepared our base the weather decided to be a bit cheeky on us.

The strong wind even blew our rain coats!

We worked hard soaked wet. There were all sorts of rubbish in different sizes and conditions.

We struggled the most is small particles of plastics and styrofoams. It’s been mixed up with soils and small branches, and it is very hard to remove.

A kind local resident offered us to take over their fire on the beach.

We have moved our base and had lunch around the fire to keep ourselves warm.

We then listened to songs sung by MA-Chan, and danced on the beach.

We collected 72 huge bags of rubbish,  with 4 hours of work by 41 people including 32 people from Japan.

Well done all.

We were sad to leave there with many rubbish still on the coast line.

Tai Long Wan clean up with the Japan tour group!