This is where we will run beach cleaning in November. Tai Long Wan, Lantau. Masa and some of us met there in August, and got shocked by the amount of rubbish on the coast line.

All the photos here were taken by a local resident on 1st October.
Lots of the rubbish are still there.


A group of local residents are running clean ups every weekend since the summer.

14536562_10153670179536841_966138415_oIt must be devastating to see this every time when you are out for a walk.


Can you help us to make the place safer for children to play?


The clean up at Tai Long Wan will be at least one day between 26-27th November.

As transports arrangements need to be prepared to access to the area, we are currently arranging a shuttle bus from Tung Chung Station to the beach for the volunteers.

You could support the event  by joining the clean up, and/or you could support it by purchasing our Tees to cover the volunteers transports and other costs.

Your supports are much appreciated.

If you would like further information, please contact us by email.

Tai Long Wan needs your help!