Some of the penguin team members attended a beach clean up this morning organised by “Stanley Beach Clean Up“. We were devided into groups and cleaned 4 beaches around Stanley.
Stanley Beach Clean Up provided us very cool t-shirts sponcered by Print House Hong Kong , gloves and bags from the FEHD. We cleaned the beaches for about 2 hours in the very nice weather. It was awesome to see lots of families attended with their children. Of cause we took Masa’s net with us to get the floating wastes scooped up!

After the beach clean up, we had people from “Lush HK” to talk about their environmental and sustainability practices. They also sponcered their awesome products for the volunteers today!

It was a perfect finish with beautiful BBQ and very refreshing Peroni Beer after the clean up.
Thank you for Stanley Beach Clean Up team for organising such an amazing event! We enjoyed the day 🙂

Stanley Beach Clean Up in Fashion!
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