The theme for this clean up was “Starwars” or “black”.  Closest weekend for “Starwars day—4th May”, why do we miss out a chance to clean up with Darth Vader? 

We met up at Sok Kwu Wan Ferry Pier at 1:30. The morning was wet but the weather got cleared up by the time we gathered.

We had a easy walk for about 15mins to the beach. We had harry standing on the corner of the turn people often miss!!We had a quick self introduction at the sitting-out area. There were more volunteers joined us through this time. Many of them were the first time to join beach clean up!  Yay!

We split ourselves into 3groups. 

One to go to the small beach next to Lo So Shing Village Beach where usually covered by a lot more marine wastes than the others near by. There are no easy route to the little beach, we have to walk on rocks to get there.

The other cleaned the main beach near the sitting-out area. We have been many times to this beach, but we have never get disappointed…always have so much to clean… well, we are looking forward to the day we get disappointed.

The last group went into the water to clean the bottom of the sea, specially checking out and to remove if there are any ghost nets “the silent killer”.After 1hour of the clean up, we gathered back to the main beach and had some rest and a game. 

It is a common summer game in Japan called “Suika (watermelon)Wari( to break)” hit a watermelon with a stick with eye mask on to break it.  

Because of Starwars theme, instead just a watermelon, but we had a Watermelon Monater for the game.The watermelon monster was rather tougher than what we thought and we couldn’t break him. So we cut and enjoyed it. Then we resumed our clean up.

The group who went in the water found 3 Ghost nets just before we finish the day (and the tide was getting higher). 

One was located at the bottom of the sea 4m deep. They could remove 2 ghost nets, and carried them to the main beach.

Great effort and thank you! 

Then our volunteers received great gifts from our sponsor, LUSH Hong Kong. When you go to LUSH outlets, you can see minimum wrappings. Their paper bags are made with recycled papers. They are one of the best role models of business outlets that help us to be environmentally friendly naturally. Thank you LUSH Hong Kong for your support.We focus on cleaning the beach, and often being asked why. The other time we are asked what is the point of we just move wastes from one place to the other. 

One of the main reasons of our focus are because once the wastes are in the water, it gets all out of control of human beings. 
It gets blended with the movement of the water and be broken down into little pieces and affects directly of the marine lives in many ways and it also then affect all the other lives on the food chain including us. 
Wastes are produced by us, so we should be more responsible, but not dumping them into the sea to make it disappear from your vision. 
We collected 39bags of wastes including 2ghost nets. It is a wonderful effort!! Thank you all the volunteers who came on the day and also those who being our supporters in many other ways.

May the Force be with You, May the 7th the clean up