As it has been announced on our Facebook page , we have decided to postpone our clean up on 22nd again due to the super typhoon Haima approaching Hong Kong.

The weather has been the most hectic part of organising beach clean ups for us, but otherwise it is quite easy.  You can find the contacts on our Links page if you are organising larger groups expecting  lots of garbage bags filled. I am happy to share our experience in organising clean ups (including how to  postpone events lol).

It is a good idea to include beach clean up as part of your weekend leisure even for an hour, like when you are out for a beach for BBQ with friends. Beaches where you see lifesavers are usually very clean. I usually find wastes end of these beaches and in bush areas around it.

Beaches and bays where there are no lifesavers are the places you find lots of wastes. You wouldn’t believe how quickly you can fill up your garbage bags. That kind of locations are where we have planned our clean-ups too.

Therefore, it is very important to check the weather and tides not only for its efficiency but the most for your safety.  Specially if you want to clean up in/closer to the water.  (By the way, low tide is the best timing for the clean ups! )

We will update the event soon on the Facebook page with the alternative day. Hope the typhoon doesn’t hit us too hard, and you have a very relaxing weekend…like the famous uncle.

Postpone of The Clean Up Again! Now let us share  tips for organizing one yourself…in case you can’t wait…