On Friday 30th June, we gathered at So Kwu Wan Ferry Pier for a clean up. This was the first clean up event this year with the Japanese NPO Make-The-Heaven. It was Koichi’s 2nd time and Tamotsu’s 3rd time to come to Hong Kong to clean up with us.

Some of us had early lunch at “Lo So Kitchen” near Sok Kwu Wan Pier. Julie at the restaurant kindly sponsored us with a box of water and discounted price for the lunch! Thank you so much for your support Julie!

We had 30 all together gathered at Sok Kwu Wan Pier at 12:30ish.We had 12 students & teachers from Christian Zheng Sheng College for the first time to join us also. Some of the students were video graphing and photo graphing the event with the professional gears. It was so nice to know that the school offers Japanese language program, and we could communicate in Japanese!

Then we had a quick briefing by WWF (The First Penguins has enrolled an awesome program called “Sea Without Litter” of WWF.  They were with us for supporting the clean up.) , then walked through the street of restaurants and shops. We stopped by there for sightseeing too.

When we arrived the beach, the beach looked the cleanest ever! So we decided to cover wider area, including the small beach next to the main one, and further in the sea to search for ghost nets. We are very lucky that we have local support, they know exactly where we need to be. Thank you Robert and Dave for the information.

While the students tackled hard with many small wastes left on the main beach and the bush area, the local team climbed over the rocks to moved to the next beach, and to jumped into the water.

This beach always has lots of broken glass bottles. It seems like wine bottles in green and brown. They often look quite new too.

Boys were tacking with nets, ropes and tires buried in the sand. We collected 15bags ( 200kg) of wastes.

 The most significant fact of this clean up was the amount of ghost nets found and collected. 8 big ones and 2 small ones weighted about 500kg.It was record breaking number for Harry who has been removing ghost nets for many years.

Some of the volunteers went into the water and carried the heavy nets and bag of wastes to the shore.

Thank you Joke,Patrick, and two lovely interns from WWF for the great support and lots of learning you provided to us on the day!

Thank you LUSH Hong Kong for being our sponsor for the event. All were happy receiving the goody bags!

When I asked Koichi (left on the pic) and Tamotsu the reason for coming to Hong Kong for clean up. Koichi answered

“I joined the Hong Kong beach clean up tour last year, and want  to continue the collaboration with people in Hong Kong.”

Tamotsu ( right on thepic) said:

“I enjoy meeting people who share the same or similar value and opinions in the world. The First Penguins has connected us to such people in Hong Kong.  Also, I simply want to do what we can do.”

 Thank you all for your wonderful effort! 

Hope you had a great time 🙂 




Lo So Shing Village Beach Clean Up with Koichi, Tamotsu, WWF and Christian Zheng Sheng College