We hunt wastes but not eggs! Our Happy Easter Clean Up was on Sunday 9th April, at Lo So Shing Village Beach once again.

We have been back to this beach quite often. The reasons? Simple. There are wastes.

The government send people to clean the beach regularly, but obviously we have more wastes arriving than how much these people can clean.

Well, we gathered at the Lo So Shing Village Sitting Out Area, nice covered area, and did a mini game and introduced ourselves.

The theme was Easter, some of us  wore rabbit ears! ( Later on, it was too hot so we gave up wearing them…)

We had 19 people all together, some found us through Facebook, some from Meetup.com. It is always nice to meet new people!

When we started the first session of the clean up for 45mins.

It was the lowest tide, and much areas usually under water could easily accessed.

What we found there were lots of glass bottles, and plastic food wrappers.

Behind the sitting out area, we found lots of plastic bottles, which looks quite new.

Two volunteers went into water to find ghost nets, which harmful for the sea animals. Thank you for doing the tough but very meaningful work!

After 45mins, we were all sweaty. Had some water and we played an easter game…

Instead of using eggs, we used walnuts, prepared modified HK beach version of Egg Roll Race.

We had fun, and found talents there. After the race, winners enjoyed the prise and the rest of us enjoyed the walnuts used in the game.

Clean up resumed after the race, we ket on going on the beach.

The two divers found the beach next to it covered by huge amount of wastes. So we decided to send some people over there.

The problem is the access. We were so lucky we had two diver volunteers who removed the wastes from the beach by walking in the water.

It was a very humid hot day, so we decided not to go for too long, but we spent 2.5hours for clean up all together, and collected 26bags of wastes from the beaches which looked quite clean.

Thank you again for our wonderful volunteers, hope you enjoyed wastes hunting ( instead of egg hunting…) and made some new friends there. Looking forward to see you again at the future events!

Happy Easter Clean Up